When we sell your products online we seek to ensure that your brand is protected. And even better, sales and profit growth for your brand.

When we succeed, you succeed. It’s a Win-Win scenario for you and us. We profit the same way we always have - by making a reasonable profit margin on the products we buy from our suppliers for resale online.


Brand protection

Our marketplace compliance team and proprietary software protect your brand from IPR violations, counterfeits, unauthorized sellers, pricing violations, listing suppression, and account shutdowns.

  • Assist in the enforcement of your MAP policy
  • Consultations on trademark and copyright infringement
  • Price & seller tracking
  • Unauthorized seller removal
  • Suspended listing assistance
  • Account shutdown assistance

Digital marketing

Place your brand and products front and center and delight your customers with a seamless experience. We implement industry-leading practices to improve your organic and paid placement on the search results driving more traffic and sales.

  • Extensive bullet points, descriptions, and titles provided for each product
  • Specific key wording used to increase discovery on sales platforms and search engines
  • Creative and enticing language used to accurately represent your products
  • Product variations to bring your items together and increase rank when available
  • Amazon sponsored ads
  • Social media advertising

Creative services

Through professional high-quality media we showcase your products and tell your brand’s story. We specialize in photography, video design and copywriting for online marketplace listings, digital advertising and print work

  • Pure white background studio photos that meet Amazon guidelines
  • Ability to work on location showcasing your product in its natural environment
  • High quality studio and equipment to create high resolution photos
  • Professional graphics, videography and voiceover both in house and outsourced
  • Ability to complete instructional, installation or product demonstration videos as needed
  • Use of stop animation, time lapse, motion graphics, live models and other features

Customer feedback management

You can also expect us to proactively manage customer feedback. Product reviews are important. We will manage and report customer feedback for you to ensure that your brand is always seen in the best possible light.

  • Immediately address concerns based on negative product reviews and report back to you, our valued supplier so that you can address product issues
  • Address any immediate delivery, packaging or product issues based on comments/feedback
  • Maximize positive product reviews

Shipping management

Let us pack and ship all your products according to the Amazon guidelines so you can focus on your bigger picture.

  • Products packaged safely and securely to minimize risk of damage
  • Items packed and shipped according to Amazon’s guidelines every time
  • FBA friendly labeling systems ensure all products are accurately identifiable
  • High volume industrial center ships about 350,000 units and 300 pallets per month

Listing management

Once your listing is optimized our Team has catch safes put in place to maintain the integrity of your listing and brands

  • Creation of your new product lines on the Amazon marketplace within days
  • Consistently monitored data to ensure listings and information are always showing
  • In-house legal counselor identifies counterfeit and unauthorized products
  • Persistent case submission via email and phone for fast efficient resolutions