The critical importance of managing MAP on Amazon

As a manufacturer representing your products on an eCommerce platform such as Amazon, you may or may not have established a MAP policy. If MAP pricing is important to your brand and it certainly should be managing product pricing on Amazon is an ongoing challenge that you must get under control.

If you don’t get proactive and begin to manage your brand pricing you are giving up control of your products on Amazon. In the long run such inaction will negatively impact your brand and your relationships with your retailers too.


How can Belsell team help?

Quite simply…as a seller on Amazon we have witnessed the race-to-the-bottom pricing scenario many times often frustrated ourselves that we are forced to lower prices just to keep up with sellers who, as a whole, compete severely on price against one another. It’s truly a “no win” situation.

We can help you to understand and manage MAP policy enforcement. Let us help you to focus on your own business and brand development.